Hi, I'm Enreina.

I have been a software engineer for several years. However, due to reasons which I couldn’t yet put into words, I decided to resign from my full time job and take an indefinite break from my software engineering career.

Initially, I wanted to find the answer to the question: “Who am I,  if I am not a software engineer?” But then, I realized that we don’t (and maybe shouldn’t) attach one single label to ourselves. Thus, I would like to find the answer to this question instead: “What are the things that I sincerely enjoy?

And here I am, on a journey to discover those things.

This blog is a collection of my thoughts, findings, and summary on things that I enjoy doing or working on. Things that I refer as my amusements.

Just as a heads-up to you, expectant readers 😉 – here is a list of my amusements that I would write mostly about:

  • ☕️  Coffee Brewing
  • 🗣  Language Learning (the current focus is to improve my Japanese 🇯🇵)
  • 🎹  Piano and Music Theory
  • 📖  Books (mostly fiction, but sometimes non-fiction as well)
  • 📺  TV Shows and Movies (mainly Anime and K-Dramas, but I do watch other genres as well)

I wouldn’t say (or so I hope) that the list is exhaustive, as I’m still in a continuous search. Maybe I’d found another random thing that I would like to put my 100% effort onto. Or maybe I’d rediscover my passion towards software engineering again at one point.

But then again: who knows?